Harold Shay
Harold prefers the quiet life to the corporate world he left in 2008. "I love the commute," he says as he recalls (in the rear-view mirror) those daily drives through downtown Phoenix traffic one hour each way. These days Harold treks across a 3/4 acre patch to his workshop (actually his son's workshop on an adjoining 3/4 acre) and works full time building his thriving outdoor wood furniture business, ARIZONA ADIRONDACK and his ever-popular Adirondack chairs. For Harold, this isn't a hobby, it's a business.
Adirondack Chairs
Handbuilt in Glendale, AZ 
One Chair at a Time

Heading 1

Looking forward to a beautiful Arizona fall? Well, as they say, "It's just around the corner!" So, place your order now for your Adirondack patio chairs and tables. And be ready for that first taste of autumn and outdoors in the Valley of the Sun
where "the livin' is easy." We appreciate all of our customers.
​If you need your chairs shipped and want to save money on shipping costs,
ask us about our partially assembled package. 

Arizona Adirondack "You Oughta Be in Pictures"

Going to the wood pile...

Measure twice, cut once ...

Smoothing the rough edges ...

The stamp of excellence ...

Harold's dad would have been proud to see his now vintage sign (Shay Garage above), which today presides over the home of all that is ARIZONA ADIRONDACK and "The Best Seat in the Whole Outdoors!"

What more can we say?

All wrapped up and ready for delivery ...