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Care of Your Adirondack Outdoor Patio Furniture

Is it necessary to put finish on my furniture?
No. Some people prefer it unfinished. The color of your Western Red Cedar will eventually change to a silver-gray color.

How do I finish my furniture?
We’re often asked, "How does your furniture hold up in the intense sun?" First of all, cedar is the wood of choice when it comes to surviving in the great outdoors—both cold and heat. But extremes in both cold and heat can affect any outdoor furniture. When searching for the product that performs best in all kinds of weather, we found Ready Seal®, a professional quality unique formulation to be the best choice. Opposed to finishes that merely coat the surface of the wood, Ready Seal provides deep penetration into the wood's surface of your patio chairs. Ready Seal is the treatment of choice when our customers prefer to keep the rich grain of the wood, yet give it maximum protection. It is our opinion that this professional deck oil product offers better protection than other available transparent finishes. 

We use a three-day finish process. First, we spray (or apply by hand) the oil, generously and thoroughly saturating the entire piece of furniture. Then we let it soak in naturally. During this preparation we wipe down the treated furniture two to three times. We don't like to hurry the application as it is an important step in completing your fine cedar outdoor furniture. Once the oil has penetrated the wood and is no longer rising to the surface, we give you a call to let you know your furniture is ready.

READY SEAL - The Treatment of Choice by the Professionals
Unless our customers want to paint their furniture, or specifically request otherwise, we finish all of our pieces with Ready Seal’s Natural Cedar stain color. If a customer desires another color available from Ready Seal, we are happy to accommodate with an additional $75 stain color change fee for the full order. Color swatches can be viewed at and color changes for your patio chairs should be requested by name/number when ordering your furniture from Arizona Adirondack.

Is our Adirondack cedar furniture maintenance free?

No. Like any product that promises long-lasting value, we suggest giving your Ready Seal treated furniture some tender, loving conditioning twice or possibly three times a year—depending upon its outdoor exposure. Time slips by before we know it, so as a good rule of thumb, consider just before Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. The process is easy, and it takes less time than it would to clean up the kitchen after a small family dinner! 

​Ready Seal Maintenance Process
Ready Seal requires minimal maintenance when compared to other products with similar life expectancy. Because Ready Seal penetrates the surface of the wood and does not form a film, Ready Seal will never crack, chip, flake or peel. Gradual fading is normal over the life of the product.

​​Preventative Maintenance
When Ready Seal coatings on your patio chairs begin to lose color but have not yet turned gray, maintenance is simple.

•Lightly sand with a very fine sandpaper any areas that need attention
•Clean with a small amount of detergent mixed with water
•Let surface dry 48 hours
•Reapply Ready Seal

Ready Seal Restoration Maintenance
When your furniture has weathered completely and the previously treated wood has been left to turn gray, more intensive maintenance is required. To restore heavily weathered surfaces:

•Lightly sand with a very fine sandpaper any areas that need attention
•Clean the wood surface with 50/50 bleach and water mixture or other wood cleaner
•Rinse bleach or cleaner thoroughly
•Neutralize any cleaners if applicable
•Let surface dry 48 hours
•Reapply Ready Seal

Painting Your Furniture
Some customers prefer a more decorative look to their wood patio furniture. While many high quality paints are available, we suggest Sherwin Williams® Porch and Floor Enamel products for durability. Even when using this latex paint, we advise first applying Sherwin Williams Exterior Oil-Based Wood Primer. This is important in order to treat the tannins that leach from Western Red Cedar. Once the furniture has been primed, it is ready for the color of your choice. 

Even the best of paint applications need care eventually. The need for touchups will depend upon how well you have treated your furniture (and how long you have waited to repaint). Once it is time to repaint your furniture, a light sanding, and then adding a fresh coat of paint color should be sufficient.

What if my furniture arrives damaged?
If an item arrives damaged please contact us and explain the damage. We will see that your problem is corrected. NOTE: Be sure to keep all packing until we notify you.

How can I find out when you have new products available?
Check our website regularly or contact us. We will be happy to share the news about new products we add to our line.

What if I have a business and am interested in purchasing your furniture for re-sale?

We work with wholesalers and will be happy to discuss that option with you. Contact us for more information.