Harold Shay
Hi! I'm Harold Shay. Welcome to Arizona Adirondack, where you'll find Adirondack patio furniture contoured for quality, comfort, and style.  I've been hand building our Western Red Cedar furniture since 2009 and look forward to continuing serving satisfied customers. Give me a call or contact me through this website and let's talk about your outdoor patio  needs.
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Our Warranty

We back up our attention to detail with our satisfaction guarantee. All of our furniture has a 12-month, non-transferable warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. A defect is defined as a fault or deterioration that affects your ability to use the furniture. Like all wood products, these natural materials will react over time with their surrounding environment, normally taking the form of changes in color and small movements in the wood components as they absorb and release moisture. These movements may include the appearance of small surface cracks that are perfectly normal and do not affect the use of the product.

Very occasionally this movement will cause a component to become loose or unstable, particularly where it occurs around the fixtures used in constructing the furniture. This is what we mean by a defect.

Any claim under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the affected piece of furniture. This warranty applies only to defects arising during normal use of the furniture and does not cover loss or damage due to misuse, theft, or the action of an outside agent. The choice of repair or replacement will be made by Arizona Adirondack in discussion with the customer who purchased the product from Arizona Adirondack, and will be based on the nature of the defect and the age of the original piece. The customer is responsible for any additional shipping or delivery costs related to warranty claims.

We inspect all items before delivery to the customer or to the customer’s preferred shipper. Immediately inspect product that we deliver, and advise the driver if any damage is found. We cannot accept damage claims not reported at the time of delivery. For product delivered by a third-party shipper, follow the shipper’s instructions for reporting damaged product. Arizona Adirondack is not responsible for in-transit damages by a third party.